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   Friday, 9 October, 2015
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About Gam History

Amman, an Organized, Attractive, Safe, Livable city of heritage and authenticity; Amman is a city with a soul.

To provide high quality municipal services of excellence and to focus on urban development that brings balance between modernity and authenticity.
To adopt initiatives which improve the quality of lives for local community focusing on the humanization aspects. This mission will be achieved through good planning, optimal investment of resources, and building partnership with stakeholders.

Core Values

1. Commitment to service excellence
2. Honesty, justice, transparency, and equal opportunity
3. Team work
4. Continuous development and flexibility to change
5. Engaging stakeholders
6. Encourage innovation, initiation, and creativity 

About Us

Amman is the authentic ancient Arab city, a place deeply rooted in the bright pages of history dating back to times earlier than 8000 B.C. It is the Capital that courageously faced the treacherous whims of time, a goal it triumphantly achieved by enduring the internal and external influences from past civilizations. Amman, like any other city, has witnessed periods of progress and prosperity, and others of retreat and withdrawal.

As the cave dweller first practiced farming on its lands, he piled stones and stone walls from boulders. These fixtures served as primitive oracles to worship the sun, the moon, and the stars. Remnants of these primitive attempts vouch for these religious practices in Amman today, and more specifically, they are found at Al Malfoof St., an ancient stone structure located in Jabal Amman within an area overlooking Wadi Saqra.

This prehistoric shrine was once visited by the shepherds of Hexes who brought with them the seeds of the ancient Egyptian civilization. Over the bounds of time, this area was then successively visited by other ancient tribes, the third of which was the tribe of Ammon, or the Ammonites. The Ammonites gave the city of Amman its name, first naming it Rabbat Ammoon with the term Rabbat meaning the Capital or the Kings quarters. The word Rabbat was later dropped, and the capital became known as Ammoon. With the influences of more visiting civilizations, the name eventually changed to Amman.

Amman was occupied by the Assyrians and then the Babylonians. During the Fourth centruy B.C., it fell under the control of the Greeks, followed by the rule of the Helenic leaders of Egypt who arrived in this City in the year 384 B.C.. The Helenic rule in Amman was led by Ptolemy II Philadelphus who re-built the City  over its old ruins, and renamed it the city of Philadelphia after himself -a name also meaning the city of love and brotherhood.

In the year 1889, the first Muslim Circassians, who were part of Shabsogh Al Muhajireen tribe of Caucasia, arrived in Amman. This group settled at the foot of Jabal Al Qala, a location later known as "Hay Al Shabsogh", or the Shabsogh neighborhood. Deep influences of Circassian customs and lifestyle continued to affect the city of Amman up until the First World War.

The first City Council was established in Amman in the year 1909, and Ammans first City District Center was founded around the year 1914. The population at that time ranged between 1500 and 2000 inhabitants, all forming a total of 300 families. The Citys vibrant market attracted traders from Salt, Damascus, Nablus, Jaffa, Jerusalem, and other areas, and the Citys importance further increased during the First World War, when it became a center for the Ottoman Empire military mobilization, a significance earned by being located near the railroad station.

With his succession to the Throne, His Majesty King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein continued the sacred mission commenced by His forefathers, namely, the founder of this Kingdom His Majesty the Late King Abdullah the First Bin Al Hussein, His Majesty the Late King Talal, and His Majesty the Late King Hussein Bin Talal. His Majesty King Abdullah II furthered the Kingdoms tale of advancement, construction, urbanization, and luxury living, making great efforts to ensure unity, security, and high standards of living for the glorified Arab nation.

Amman, as an Arab capital, is a haven of security and stability. It is the City that has made leaps towards a graceful entry into the third millennium, striding forward while opening its heart to brotherly Arab citizens.   

When talking about the Amman of the present and the Amman of the future, it is important to take into account the Citys aspiration, the plans for which far exceed its financial means. Any attempts to get past the biography of the City, may strip it of its basic composition.

Amman, the Capital of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, has a different story, a narrative that represents mans struggle and his impressive determination to make miracles happen, given complicated circumstances. Its tale pays tribute to mans ability to face consecutive and repetitive challenges, some of which are even beyond ones comprehension. It is the story of surmounted challenges and the achievement of positive outcomes. 

 Over the last four decades, exceptional challenges have been endured by this City. These challenges have led to the rise of buildings that fail to abide by any given architectural discipline. These constructions were created prior to any efforts made by urban planners and prior to the engineers collective ability to visualize the overall outlook for this City. The fast-paced increase in population size, reaching 2.2 million as recorded in 2004, coupled with a ten-fold or more increase in the number of buildings constructed has, in turn, led to a rising demand for services in all fields, a rising need that compliments each surge of migration and growth.

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